Who are we?

Welcome to our new fashion store, you will be so glad to have found us!

I’m Jen, the founder of AllTheShapewear.com. I have been working in the fashion industry pretty much my entire life – I started in retail before moving on to wholesale. I saw first-hand the fashion flaws being made by women due to ill-fitting clothing, hosiery, and underwear. I focussed my energies on the emerging shapewear market and now, together with my partner Peter, I source and buy specialist shapewear items from around the world. I used to sell to the high street fashion stores but now the high street has become the competition. We buy directly from our favourite factories and sell directly to you.  Less air and road miles – it’s what we all want.


Why Shapewear ?

We all have the perfect body but not everyone has the body of their dreams; some of us have curves where we don’t want them and let’s face it, too many of us think we just have too many!  That’s where our shapewear range comes in.  People can feel comfortable with their body. Comfort brings confidence. Confidence ushers empowerment. So, at last, we can be proud of those curves.

Today’s shapewear has become the answer to women’s wardrobe problems. We can wear on trend items with confidence, obtaining that so important smooth look without worrying about making sure we have the correct undergarments. Now we can look and feel great whatever our shape! We can wear tight fitting dresses in body clinging fabric, low cut tops or faux leather leggings if we want to. In short, we are enabled by this liberating gift. We can feel fabulous again!

Gone are the days when we would be embarrassed to admit to owning a pair of shapewear knickers! Gone are the days when shapewear meant being uncomfortable, restricted, sweaty and most definitely unsexy.

We wanted to be a part of this newfound feminine freedom. We strove to find attractive shapewear. It took us some time to be sure we had got it right, as not all shapewear is born equal.

Did you know that almost half of adult women would wear some item of shapewear if they knew how far shapewear has come in recent years and it could make them curvier?

Or that over half of adult women would love to find shapewear if it meant they could squeeze into certain wardrobe outfits?


What do we sell?

So, take a look at our range and we are sure you will agree that we have curated options in a complete range of attractive styles, shades and sizes. These products offer you choice and are affordable.

Our design range is not just practical and comfortable – many pieces are sensual and flattering too. With a refined fabric choice, our items are advanced, comfortable, and easy to wear.

We sell an extensive range of carefully selected:

  • Underwear – bras, corsets, panties, bodysuits, shapers
  • Fashionable and figure enhancing swimwear
  • Leggings

Now is the time to embrace your body, seek out or embrace your curves with one of our innovative, new designs. The choice is yours.